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Biden warns N. Korea, while Moon wants to “talk”

Posted March. 27, 2021 07:19,   

Updated March. 27, 2021 07:19


“We're consulting with our allies and partners, and we will respond accordingly should they choose to escalate,” said U.S. President Joe Bien on Thursday (local time) regarding North Korea’s short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) test. He also made it clear that North Korea’s ballistic missile launches are in violation of the U.N. Security Council’s resolution. Meanwhile, South Korean President Moon Jae-in expressed his determination to resolve the issues surrounding the Korean Peninsula and North Korea’s nuclear weapons through conversation with the North, even though he claims to understand the concern amongst South Koreans.

During the first press conference held at the White House on Thursday, when asked what actions he would take, if any, regarding North Korea’s ballistic missile launches and his red line on North Korea, Biden responded that the violation of U.N. Resolution 1718 by those particular missiles. He also added that the U.S. is consulting with its allies and partners. His answer confirmed that the projectile launched by the North were ballistic missiles, which are in violation of the U.N. Security Council’s resolution, and that the U.S. is in discussion with its allies, such as South Korea and Japan, regarding future responses. “If North Korea chooses to escalate, we will respond accordingly,” he added. The U.S. requested on Thursday the U.N. Security Council Sanctions Committee on North Korea to be convened.

“But I’m also prepared for some form of diplomacy,” President Biden also said, expressing his intention to not shut down the discussion with North Korea. “But it has to be conditioned upon the end result of denuclearization,” he emphasized. When asked if he also thinks North Korea was the top foreign policy issue as former US President Obama did, he answered yes.

Meanwhile, President Moon said making it more difficult to have talks with North Korea is not desirable regarding North Korea’s ballistic missile launches at the sixth event of the Day of West Sea Defense held at the ROK Navy 2nd Fleet Command in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province on Friday. “Now is the time for the two Koreas and the U.S. to make efforts to continue the conversation.”

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