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This life

Posted March. 20, 2021 07:19,   

Updated March. 20, 2021 07:19


Gifts are usually for others than for myself. Let us say you are going to buy a gift for someone. What would be good? In many cases, you think of something that is to your taste or something you like. You assume that the person receiving the gift will like it as well since you like it. You cannot blame these thoughts for being selfish. Wanting to give someone something you like means you like that person. It would be happy to give or receive gifts from the heart. This poem is about such memory.

Lullabies must have been the best gift the narrator in the poem received from her mother. So she says she would sing a lullaby to her mother if she were her child. She must have been excited about going to writing contests. She must have loved to wear white dresses. She wants to do the things her mother did for her because she loves her mother so much. It would be so rewarding to see someone I love being so happy. In simple terms, it would be like walking in the shoes of someone I love.

Someone who has good memories can also create good memories of their own. Those who have been loved know the joy of giving back. When you know you are loved, even a lullaby your mother sang to you becomes a poem. When you think this way, the hatred and anger in your mind subside. No one knows how your loving heart will grow in someone’s mind. Let us cherish good thoughts and good attitudes even for today.