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A complete pleasure

Posted March. 08, 2021 07:38,   

Updated March. 08, 2021 07:38


I have been working as a web novel editor for a long period of time. I am also living as an office workers. I have dared to change my jobs several times without any specific reasons. I might have felt bored or just wanted to change my surroundings completely because I could not improve myself.

When I moved to other company a few years ago, I encountered a great work as if I was destined to. The novel, which was created in the course of countless meetings and emails, has been being published as a series for the past three years. The protagonist is extraordinarily competent, passionate, and charismatic. His name is Baik Kang-hyeok, a surgeon who is specializing in treatment of severe external injuries. He saves numerous patients being taken in while dealing with hospital politics at the same time, and wants to promote a center for patients with severe injuries.

As an editor specializing in web novels, I survive through the floods of texts, deal with writers, and constantly engage in cooperation and conflict with colleagues in order to develop the platform of “series” further. I also want to transform the content called “web novels” into a mainstream genre.

“I cannot even have the very thought of doing what he does. Sometimes he cannot resolve what I have easily resolved.” I fully substitute the character with myself, and memorize and recite the two sentences in my brain. Then, finally, I switch the sentences that I like the most just the way I like. “Now that I have joined this company, I cannot allow such a stupid thing from happening.” Just thinking about it is thrilling. I recall sentences that I would never actually tell anyone, and giggle. I suspect if I felt as such when I changed my jobs. In the course of doing this, I find “pleasure.” This is a wonderful gift that enables me to live every single day. I smile to myself quietly before opening my mailbox yet again. There is a flood of emails from novelists and writers. Today, I start my work again, thinking to myself I wish to give “complete pleasure” to someone.