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Melody that mesmerizes Li Bai

Posted March. 05, 2021 07:17,   

Updated March. 05, 2021 07:17


Legend has it that an immortal chilled out and left Yellow Crane Tower, flying across the sky on the back of a yellow crane. Without any vestige of the otherworldly soul left traceable, only the tower stands alone. The gracefully relaxed flapping of the crane's wings might have stirred the transiently floating clouds on the river of the skies. Being left with emptiness and vanity, the poet is attracted irresistibly to the sceneries ornamented with brightness and richness across the ancient establishment. Glittering in the sun shines, the wavy outlines of the forests in the castle town are reflected on the wiggling surface of the river flow. What's more, look at the delta overgrown with freshly green spring grass! As the dusky sunset nears unknowingly, the solitary wanderer may end up in hastiness. Just as wet fogs dimly rise from the river, his nostalgic emotions arise unnoticeably, but intensely.

Yellow Crane Tower is said to have been put up by Sun Quan of the Wu Dynasty in the early 3rd century. Just as many other calligraphers and poets left their footprints around the tower, one of the most famous anecdotes of such artists describes romantic poet Li Bai marveling at Cui Hao’s verse at Yellow Crane Tower. Traveling across various places from a younger age, he produced a bunch of poetry. One day, he dropped by Yellow Crane Tower. The moment he started indulging himself in inspiration, Li happened to find Cui Hao’s poetry “Yellow Crane Tower.” One of the greatest poets of all time might have lost concentration due to this masterpiece with vanity and nostalgia mixed in the perfect golden ratio. Li Bai wrote, “For what reason, I can’t put the sight of captivating sceneries into words. It may be Cui Hao’s poetic lines that hold back my pen,” putting his brush back on the table.