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Arsenal’s goal celebration triggers controversy

Posted January. 20, 2021 08:18,   

Updated January. 20, 2021 08:18


Arsenal of the English Premier League have triggered a controversy with a goal celebration violating the COVID-19 quarantine rules.  

The team had a 3-0 victory at the Emirates Stadium in London on Tuesday against New Castle. The controversy was triggered when Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang celebrated after scoring. He hugged other players of the team after scoring five minutes into the second half. British news outlets including Daily Star reported that Arsenal’s celebration violated EPL regulations and concerned fans criticized the behavior.  

EPL bans handshakes, high-fives and hugs as COVID-19 quarantine measures. Its regulations include social distancing in all situations including goal celebrations. Some EPL insiders expressed their skepticism toward the rule, asking whether it would be possible to suppress emotions after scoring a goal.

Dong-Wook Kim creating@donga.com