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Kim Jong Un’s admitting to economic failure

Posted January. 07, 2021 07:20,   

Updated January. 07, 2021 07:20


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un effectively admitted a collective failure of his economic drive, saying “We failed massively in meeting the goals in almost all areas that were sought in the five-year economic development plan.” Kim made the remarks in his opening speech for the eighth assembly of the Workers’ Party on Tuesday. Kim cited as the cause for the failure the worst of worst crises that were never heard before. “The magical key to overcoming crises after crises is strengthening our own power and independent capability,” Kim said, which apparently suggests that the North Korean leader will seek to directly push for a struggle for independent rehabilitation that he has called for since last year.

It is not the first time that Kim has admitted to a failure. In a full assembly of the Workers’ Party in August last year, Kim confessed that a significant part of national economic goals remains unmet, and people’s living has not improved noticeably. In a military parade marking the founding of the party in October last year, Kim said, “I feel sorry to the public,” while displaying “crocodile’s tears.” Since then, the North started wrapping all different projects, and plans to announce a new economic development strategy at the latest Workers’ Party convention. “We should boldly admit to shortcomings that have become hurdles and make sure we don’t repeat them,” Kim said.

However, considering the current situation, it is unlikely Pyongyang will be able to put forth anything new and impactful anytime soon. Pyongyang has entered a state of self shutdown by completely closing borders at the pretext of Covid-19 quarantine at a time when its economy has extremely deteriorated due to international sanctions. Worse still, the Stalinist country suffered flooding, which combined with the other factors to bring the North Korean economy to a state that is almost impossible to recover. After all, the only measure that still remains is exploitation of people’s labor under the slogan of independent capability. Until right before the beginning of the latest party convention, North Koreans staged a 80-day struggle, and now they might end up facing another combat. There were also a 70-day combat and a 200-day combat around the 7th party convention in 2016.”

In the reality of the dictatorial North Korean regime, so-called self criticism by the supreme majesty naturally leads to more merciless oppressing of its people. Party leaders makes demand top-down, and continue to run the system of mobilizing manpower en masse amid freezing weather, ripping off the public to secure their interests. If this continues, it will be impossible for Pyongyang to prevent internal discontent from exploding amid mounting hunger and poverty, let alone escaping from the crises.

The only way for the North to survive is to stop its nuclear stampede, and start opening up and reforming. Kim Jong Un refrained from directly commenting on the North’s nuclear weapons on Tuesday, but he braggingly said, “We have secured robust guarantee that will defend the motherland’s fate confidently for generations to come.” American satellites have captured images of North Korea soldiers preparing for a military parade again to display armed protest at Mirim Airport near Pyongyang. The North cannot survive on nuclear weapons. The North Korean leader should be aware that time will come when even the mythical ‘dress sword of nuclear weapons’ will no longer be convincing to its people.