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Ruling party needs a keynote change rather than vindictive legislation

Ruling party needs a keynote change rather than vindictive legislation

Posted December. 28, 2020 07:55,   

Updated December. 28, 2020 07:55


The Democratic Party of Korea called an emergency judiciary committee meeting led by the party head and announced to proceed with another prosecutorial reform to deprive the prosecution of their investigation authority on Friday when the court ruled to halt the disciplinary action on Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-youl.  

The ruling party promoting legislation to deprive investigation authority from the prosecution seems far-fetched. It is absurd to revise a bill only a month after boastfully announcing that they completed a bill to reform authorities including the prosecution, the police, and the National Intelligence Service. They ignored the common sense in legislation, which is to examine and revise errors and issues found in the process of implementing bills. That is why some say the purpose of the prosecutorial reform this time is just to dethrone Yoon.  

Disciplinary action on Yoon that Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae pushed for abusing her command of the investigation and inspection authority over the last year lost legitimacy when the court accepted the temporary disposition. The court decided that the reason of disciplinary action was as problematic as the issues in the procedure of the Ministry of Justice. In fact, 174 seats from the ruling party are enough to impeach Yoon as it only requires 150 seats, the majority of the National Assembly. But they will not be able to proceed with it by ignoring the court order and the separation of powers stipulated by the constitution. Even some of ruling party members are concerned that the impeachment would bring a backlash.  

The year-end season is not the same this year due to the emergency brought about by COVID-19. It is exasperating to see the ruling party announce that it would continue to be engrossed in attacking Yoon, which only gave fatigue to the citizens over the past year.  

If the ruling party tries to cover up this matter by dismissing Choo who already tendered her resignation and replacing a few ministers who are already known to be replaced soon, it is too complacent an attitude. As President Moon Jae-in made a public apology, his administration should drastically change personnel including the core line at the presidential office Cheong Wa Dae. Moreover, the real-estate policy, which only involves regulations and rapidly increased housing prices, and the North Korea policy that only takes a low posture need an overhaul. The personnel in the economy line and the diplomacy/security line also needs a reform at the same time.