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Interview with leader of Free Joseon

Posted November. 18, 2020 08:17,   

Updated November. 18, 2020 08:17


More information about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s half nieces Kim Han Sol and Kim Sol Hee has become available. Kim Han Sol is 178-centimeter tall and Kim Sol Hee looks like a typical American girl speaking English fluently.

Adrian Hong, the leader of anti-North Korean organization Free Joseon that helped the escape of the remaining family of Kim Jong Un’s older half brother Kim Jong Nam who was assassinated in Malaysia in 2017, said the above in an interview with the New Yorker on Monday (local time). Free Joseon is known to directly helped the escape of Kim Jong Nam’s family after he was killed.

According to the article, Kim Han Sol was five feet ten inches back then. At the time of their escape to Taiwan, Kim Han Sol was wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a coat with a suitcase, along with his mother Lee Hye Kyung and younger sister Kim Sol Hee in the late teens.

Hong said that Kim Sol Hee speaks English well and looks like a typical American teenage girl. Kim Sol Hee borrowed an iPad from a member of Free Joseon to watch Netflix at the Taipei airport while Kim Han sol talked about his fishing experience in North Korea. Hong described Lee as a beautiful middle-aged woman.

Hong met Kim Han Sol for the first time in Paris in 2013. “Never met a kid with so much money,” said Hong about Kim who showed up in a pair of Gucci shoes. “Kim Jong Nam had stashed away a lot of cash during his life.”