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Chinese netizens, media attack Black Pink members for touching panda

Chinese netizens, media attack Black Pink members for touching panda

Posted November. 07, 2020 07:50,   

Updated November. 07, 2020 07:50


Chinese netizens and state-run media would attack South Korean boy band BTS by promoting blank nationalism. Now, they have launched attacks on South Korean girl group Black Pink en masse. They claimed that Blank Pink, which released on YouTube and other channels a video showing the music band’s members coming into contact with the rare animal giant panda on Tuesday, did not treat the animals cautiously and valuably enough to satisfy them.

China’s state-run English daily Global Times said Friday, “Blank Pink members wore deep makeup when they touched three-month-old baby panda ‘Fubao “at the Everland theme park in South Korea, and ‘Huani’ which came to Korea in 2016. They failed to wear gloves and facemask as well.” The daily went on to say, “Baby pandas lack immunity and they could be in danger if people (coming into contact) wear strong makeup or fail to use protective equipment. The panda is China’s ‘national treasure’ and even if one is born overseas, it should return to China after a certain period of time, and they belong to China.”

Some Chinese netizens posted Weibo comments, reading “Let’s bring back the pandas from Korea.” All giant pandas in zoos around the world are rented, rather than sold or granted, by the Chinese government.

When uploading a teaser of Black Pink’s video on its Instagram page, Everland said, “Filming was done after thorough decontamination and quarantine under supervision by the responsible veterinarian and zookeepers.” But the theme park removed the clip after Chinese netizens responded negatively.

Ki-Yong Kim kky@donga.com