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Pansori singers nominated as intangible cultural asset candidates

Pansori singers nominated as intangible cultural asset candidates

Posted October. 31, 2020 07:21,   

Updated October. 31, 2020 07:21


The Cultural Property Administration announced Friday that it is nominating Kim Su-yeon (72) as pansori (Korean musical storytelling) master singer candidate for Sugungga, and Kim Il-gu (80) and Yoon Jin-cheol (55) as master singer candidates for Jeokbyeokga before officially naming them.

Kim Su-yeon learned pansori Sugungga from the late Park Cho-wol, who was a master singer of the traditional Korean musical. According to critics, Kim is characterized by glaring sigimsae (embellishment) and deep vocal sound, and performs laud and stable singing. Kim Il-gu learned Jeokbyeokga from the late Park Bong-sul, a master singer of the song, and has been serving as teaching assistant for Jeokbyeokga singing since 1992. Yoon Jin-cheol was the grand prize winner at the national pansori rookie competition when he was 16. He learned Jeokbyeokga and Simcheongga from the late Jeong Gwon-jin.

The Cultural Property Administration will gather opinions for 30 days after Friday’s announcement on the preliminary designation of the singers, before holding a meeting of the intangible cultural assets review committee to confirm‎ their appointment.