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A journal published on Japan’s forced mobilization of sex slaves

A journal published on Japan’s forced mobilization of sex slaves

Posted August. 04, 2020 07:44,   

Updated August. 04, 2020 07:44


The Northeast Asian History Foundation published an academic journal backing up the circumstances where the Japanese military and the government systematically engaged in the forced mobilization of sex slaves and in the installment and management of brothels.

The history foundation announced Monday that it published two volumes on the materials over the issue of the comfort women by the Japanese army, a compilation of 70 original copies of public documents and their translation. The first volume deals with the documents on how Japan and its military mobilized and transported sex slaves, and the second one covers the stories about how the brothels were run and how the relevant crimes were punished after war.

The journals include some of the newly-found documents as well. In a document on “the crackdown of a father and a daughter crossing over to China,” which was sent from the Japanese foreign ministry to the home ministry, it is indicated that “those who cannot receive a certificate for reason of age get an id as maid or Buddhist nun to enter China and work as prostitute.” The foundation explained that this can constitute a ground to assume that some of the victims included minors, and they bypassed age restriction by giving false occupations to have an id issued.

The latest publication was part of the compilation project over Japanese invasions, by which the Northeast Asian History Foundation is aiming to compile the research findings over the realities of Japanese subjugation. “This is differentiated from the existing documents on comfort women as it is a comprehensive gathering of latest information as recent as 2019 as well as its translation,” said an official from the foundation.

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