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Prince / Picasso exhibition features ceramic works of Picasso

Prince / Picasso exhibition features ceramic works of Picasso

Posted July. 09, 2020 07:37,   

Updated July. 09, 2020 07:37


“Is Picasso still popular?” one may ask, but Picasso is Picasso, evidenced by the crowds of people who flock to the Prince / Picasso exhibition held at The Page Gallery in Seoul. Though the exhibition is relatively small in scale with only 10 works each by Richard Prince (collage) and Picasso (ceramics), it attracts large audiences every weekend.

The exhibition features ceramic works by Picasso for the first time in Korea. Most of the artwork shown on auctions were “editions” created by ateliers based on Picasso’s design. At this exhibition, however, viewers will be able to see the traces of the artist who designed and made the pottery with his own hands.

Some of the designs are shapes inspired by Greek mythology or ancient pottery work found by the Aegean Sea. Picasso created the pieces when he was in Vallauris in southern France. While vacationing in Cote D’Azur of France in 1946, Picasso visited the annual pottery exhibition in Vallauris. He learned pottery from Suzanne and Georges Ramie of Madoura Atelier. Since then he maintained 25 years of relationship with the atelier designing more than 4,000 ceramic pieces of 600 types.

In this exhibition, however, Richard Prince’s collage works steal the spotlight. The works have been exhibited at the Picasso Museum in Malaga in 2012, created by tearing the pictures out of Picasso’s art brochures and creating them in his own style. Seeing Picasso’s paintings, torn, fringed and cut out, appears as if Prince is saying that he is as good as Picasso. At the same time, it’s hard to take your eyes away from Picasso’s charming and freestyle ceramic work. The exhibition is open until July 31.

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