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‘Stay-at-home’ moments turn into creative artworks

Posted April. 08, 2020 07:38,   

Updated April. 08, 2020 07:38


At a time when the COVID-19 outbreak drives many under lockdown into the state of lethargy and depression, some artists draw their inspiration from such a long stay-at-home period.

High-quality luggage manufacturer Rimowa has released a chair-shaped suitcase product. The luggage brand adds some witty touch to the embodiment of journey, turning it into the symbol of waiting at a time when countries keep their borders tightly closed. Rimowa said that people are in the moment of tranquility, not on a journey, to rediscover the value of home and endure solitude while sharing memories of previous trips and dreams of next itineraries.

A modern artist, whose name is anonymous but who runs an Instagram account “@alon_art,” titled gilt toilet paper “2020 version toilet paper” on a post. The toilet paper in gold is a satiric expression‎ about the phenomenon of hoarding everyday products in several countries. British motion arts brand MRE shares posts that reflect the present time after the COVID-19 pandemic with satire. It shows a parody version of Michelangelo’s Genesis Fresco to promote how to use a hand sanitizer and a video clip showing a man twisting and turning under the fabric with “stayhome” written on it.

High-end fashion brand Versace has showcased a series of posts that can light up the dullness of staying home to make sure that people have some fun even in a lockdown. It re-shares the past advertisement photos of “Versace Home” in the 1990s, including a man imitating a table with objects on his back and a dressy woman raising a chair on which another sits up high. “Versace would like to send a message of support and solidarity to all those staying at home during this trying time. The home has always been a source of great solace and inspiration for our brand. We hope to provide you with moments of positivity and uplifting distraction with a series of archival,” the fashion brand wrote on Instagram.