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Mistakes made by Hitler and Napoleon

Posted March. 10, 2020 07:43,   

Updated March. 10, 2020 07:43


Robert Fulton, who invented a steamship, was an inventor and a weapon developer. He developed a submarine and torpedoes for Napoleon, which failed during the process of experiments. The name of the submarine was Nautilus. Fulton was devastated and left France to successfully invent a steamship later in the U.S. There is a story behind why Fulton carried out a submarine and torpedoe project under a grant from Napoleon. Napoleon experienced a prolonged success before the French invasion of Russia, and finally became an emperor after years as a First Consul. Given that Louis XVI had been executed by guillotine 10 years before Napoleon became an emperor, Napoleon’s accession to the throne was dramatic and even evanescent.

Life would have been easier for Napoleon if there had not been a disturbance. He would not have invaded Russia, which eventually destroyed him. The disturbance was the United Kingdom. The UK made every victory Napoleon achieved incomplete. Napoleon would become emotional from time to time and say that the UK was born to disturb him. The French emperor thought he could not achieve anything unless he conquered the UK. As Napoleon could not cross the Strait of Dover due to the powerful British Royal Navy, he came up with the idea of developing submarines, torpedoes, and steamships.

Some 150 years later, Hitler was confident that he would not repeat Napoleon’s mistake. But Hitler ended up making the same two critical mistakes Napoleon had made. The first mistake is trying to conquer the continent without the UK. Hitler belatedly established a plan to invade the UK. This time he had better submarines and torpedoes but did not prepare for the war properly. The same can be said with the invasion of the Soviet Union. Hitler was confident that he was different from Napoleon and would not make the same mistake. But he made exactly the same mistake. Why? He was not serious in studying the enemy and believed that he was better than the enemy. Lately, the phrase “deep-rooted evils” in society has disappeared in news and headlines. Is it because the elections are around the corner? Or is it because those who despised the past history have realized that they are even worse than them? The right way to put it would be the public have realized it rather than they have realized it by themselves.