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Prince Harry couple will no longer use ‘Sussex Royal’ name

Prince Harry couple will no longer use ‘Sussex Royal’ name

Posted February. 24, 2020 08:59,   

Updated February. 24, 2020 08:59


British Prince Harry and his wife Meghan said Friday that they will not use the term “Royal.” The couple became independent from the British royal family last month.

According to foreign media outlets including CNN on Friday, a spokesperson for the couple said, “Through consultations with the British royal family, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have agreed not to use the name Sussex Royal Foundation for a non-profit organization that will be launched this spring.” It means that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not use “Sussex Royal” in any territory post spring 2020.

When declaring their independence, Prince Harry and Meagan announced that they would not be using the name and title that are accorded to members of the royal family, but the couple maintains the title “Duke and Duchess of Sussex.” The couple reportedly had been taking steps to register a “Sussex Royal” brand for their products, including printed matters and clothing, and charitable campaigns. When the news spread, however, critics accused them of “trying to earn money by taking advantage of the background of royal family.”

With the latest decision, the couple’s application to register “Sussex Royal” trademark for the non-profit foundation and products have been cancelled. The couple’s social media channels and official websites that have used “Sussex Royal” will be also changed.