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Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon joins the ‘Sosaeng’ campaign

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon joins the ‘Sosaeng’ campaign

Posted June. 13, 2019 07:48,   

Updated June. 13, 2019 07:48


Mayor of Seoul Park Won-soon has joined the “Sosaeng” campaign organized by the Dong-A Ilbo under the slogan that says, “The sound of Dr. Helicopter is life.”

Mayor Park participated in the event to pop a red balloon in his office at the Seoul City Hall in Jung-gu on Tuesday. The red balloon popping event was initiated to raise the public awareness of the sound of the takeoff and landing of Dr. Helicopter, which is comparable to the sound of balloon popping in volume. Dr. Jo Jun-pil, president of the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine and professor of Emergency Medicine at Ajou University, named Mayor Park as the next person to join the “Sosaeng” relay campaign.

“Dr. Helicopter, a multipurpose ‘flying emergency room,’ was introduced to provide prompt responses to emergency situations to citizens in Seoul where high-rise buildings are concentrated and over 10 million people reside,” explained the Seoul mayor.

“However, Dr. Helicopter has faced complaints about its noise,” he regretfully added. “The sound of the takeoff and landing of Dr. Helicopter is about 115 dB, which is similar to the volume of a balloon popping sound. I encourage the citizens of Seoul to perceive the sound of Dr. Helicopter as the sound of saving lives, rather than noises.”

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