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Lim Dong-hyek, Kim Soo-yeon perform together in three years

Lim Dong-hyek, Kim Soo-yeon perform together in three years

Posted November. 23, 2018 07:26,   

Updated November. 23, 2018 07:26


The "Grand Duo" concert of pianist Lim Dong-hyek and violinist Kim Soo-yeon was held at the IBK hall of Seoul Arts Center in Seocho-gu, Seoul on Sunday afternoon. "Sharing a handkerchief" became the center of attention as an extra story to the performance. Kim wiped her own forehead and neck after receiving a handkerchief Lim used to wipe off his sweat.

The two musicians, whom this reporter met at a practice room in Gangnam-gu Seoul last Friday, prior to their performance, were like military colleagues. Despite the fact that they flew in from Berlin separately and met in Seoul, they shared their daily lives without any pretense. They went up to the stage as a duo in three years since playing together in 2015 for "Schubert for Two," where the duo played the most well-known violin sonatas of Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven. At the first duo concert, everything was dealt in a cautious manner, but this time, the two musicians understood each other more comfortably. This was possible as they resided in the same city, shared their worries and thoughts about music.

Recently, Berlin became a place where classical musical artists gather. Pianists Son Yeol-eum, Cho Sung-jin, Kim Sun-uk, and Sunwoo Ye-kwon, cellist Isang Enders and violist Lee Ji-yoon went to Berlin. Each one is a thankful being to musicians residing in a foreign city. “I called Lim to say hi when I was having a difficult time with Bach. It turned out that he was also having a hard time with Bach,” said Kim. “My frustrations naturally went away as we talk.”

The hot topic between these two musicians is “being in 30s.” It is a period when they need to supplement the strength and rhythm with musical maturity. “I can perform at a stage even if I don’t practice as hell. Yet, the life of a performer is over the moment he or she becomes complacent,” said Lim. “Now I accepted the fact that it is the destiny of a performer to torture oneself and practice for the rest of the life.”

“I have passed my 20s when I struggled over a single note and I am a little more relaxed now,” said Kim. “In particular, I have realized the truth that good performance comes from good people.”

Seol Lee snow@donga.com