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Todo Drive improves the quality of disabled children’s lives

Todo Drive improves the quality of disabled children’s lives

Posted August. 30, 2018 07:27,   

Updated August. 30, 2018 07:27


An education session targeting physically challenged children on moving wheelchairs with "Todo Drive" was held at Todo Works, a social enterprise located in Siheung City, Gyeonggi Province. Todo Drive is an electrical kit that can move manual wheelchairs automatically. You can immediately use it by attaching it to existing wheelchairs.

Kim Min-seok (age 12), who cannot walk due to muscular dystrophy, a disease that takes away the muscle power as the patient gets older, encountered Todo Drive for the first time on Monday. The 12-year-old boy carefully pushed the joystick, which operates as the control stand, sitting on a wheelchair. The wheelchair would go up the hill without making much effort. Up until now, he would take a detour where there is no hill as he did not want to trouble his mother, who would push the wheelchair for him. “I am very happy that I can go up the hill by myself,” said Kim.

Todo Drive was created to provide disabled children the right to move. Todo Works CEO Shim Jae-shin was shocked in 2016 when he saw his 5th grade daughter’s friend. He met many of his daughter’s friends but he has never seen that friend before. The difference was that she was on a wheelchair.

Shin Ji-hoo (age 11), who suffers from muscular dystrophy, now spends more time with his friends outside after using the Todo Drive. His emotional state also changed as well. According to the result of a psychological test he took five weeks ago, which was before using Todo Drive, he frequently wrote down "I am having a hard time," "I feel vain." On the psychological test he took again on Tuesday, he wrote down words such as anticipation, friendly, pleased and fun. for the feelings he experienced during the past one week.