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Pres. Moon calls martial law documents ‘outdated, unlawful aberration’

Pres. Moon calls martial law documents ‘outdated, unlawful aberration’

Posted July. 28, 2018 07:35,   

Updated July. 28, 2018 07:35


President Moon Jae-in on Friday defined martial law documents drafted by the Defense Security Command (DSC) as “outdated and unlawful aberration.” It is unusual for President Moon to point out the illegality of a case that is under investigation. This suggests his strong determination to hold accountable those who are involved in the martial law document scandal.

Presiding over a meeting with all top commanders of the country's armed forces for the first time since he took office, President Moon said reviewing the legality of declaring martial law in itself is unacceptable. “The DSC should be devoted to carrying out its duties, thereby helping to raise our national defense,” Moon said. “I urge you to speed up in drawing up military reform measures.”

President Moon went on to say that military reform is all about the existence of our country beyond the administration, calling on the military to “scathingly reflect on itself.” He also denounced the delay in military reform, mentioning countless military-related incidents that caused people great disappointment and frustration.

At the meeting, Defense Minister Song Young-moo reported “Military Reform 2.0” plan that aims to cut military service period by three months and reduce the number of military general from 436 to 360 until the end of the Moon Jae-in administration. The “Offensive Operation Plan,” which is about creating a brigade dedicated to burning key military facilities in Pyongyang to the ground, had been discussed in the draft but excluded in the final draft.

President Moon made it clear that he would hold accountable those who are involved in the scandal including the defense minister. Defense Minister Song Young-moo told reporters after the meeting that he does not care if he loses his post and will fulfill his duties of reforming the DSC.