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Trump, strong as steel

Posted June. 01, 2018 08:06,   

Updated June. 01, 2018 09:36


Many wonder how the North Korea-U.S. summit will evolve and how an agreement will be reached. It is no secret that the personality of a leader has significant impact on crucial decisions. Let’s take a look at how the two leaders’ styles are reflected in their handwriting. First, Trump is known for his unique way of writing that matches his eccentric behavior. He seems not to care whether he harms others, but at the same time, he is also logical in thinking, strong as steel and extremely capable. Kim’s handwriting is also distinctive, similar yet different from that of Trump’s.

Both of their handwritings are similar in many ways. Steep ascending lines signal very positive and straightforward way of working towards one’s goal. This way of writing enables narrow spacing, invading other letters, which indicates that the person does not mind whether s/he disturbs others. Narrow spacing reflects that the individual is self-conscious and enjoys thinking on his/her own. It also suggests that the writer has heavy pen pressure, which suggests strong energy and personality.

However, the consistent size of Trump’s letter shows that he is logical, attentive to detail and shrewd, which contrasts with Kim’s intuitive and sensitive aspects. The angular Ms and Ns, and exceptionally longer horizontal lines of Trump show that he is determined, extremely patient, resistant, capable of controlling emotion and impulse and values stability. His decision to call of the summit is most likely to be highly calculated.

Both are self-centered and do not seem to care whether they harm others, which could be concerning, but their goal-oriented values may drive an agreement. Even if the agreement is reached, Kim may act on impetus and Trump may continue to focus on interests, making the negotiations tough. However, both are unlikely to act unpredictably and with President Moon acting as moderator, there is a strong chance that the talks could yield positive results. The North Korea-U.S. summit could be a golden opportunity for the Korea people.