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‘Battle Ground’ developers to receive up to 5 billion won in incentives

‘Battle Ground’ developers to receive up to 5 billion won in incentives

Posted May. 01, 2018 08:29,   

Updated May. 01, 2018 08:29


The PUGB Corporation, a subsidiary company of Bluehole, announced Monday that it would pay up to 5 billion won in incentives to the developers of its game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

“We are keeping the promise we made from the design phase of the game,” a PUBG official said. “The amount of the incentives has been determined based on the worldwide success of the game that has raised the status of the Korean game industry.”

A handful of employees, who participated from the very beginning in creating the game, will receive an incentive of 1 billion won-5 billion won and others, who joined after the release of the game in March 2007, will get an average of 30 million won. It is reported that a total of tens of billions of won have been paid to all employees, including the developers and supporting staff.

“We will continue to share the company’s economic success with employees if the company keeps growing and generating profits,” PUBG CEO Kim Chang-han said.

The game has sold over 40 million units worldwide through its online game platform Steam since its global debut. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for Xbox One launched in December 2017 sold more than 4 million worldwide.