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LG to launch high-end `LG Signature` at CES

Posted December. 24, 2015 08:15,   


LG Electronics` consumer electronics unit is launching a series of new brands. The Korean firm said Wednesday that it will unveil a consolidated brand called "LG Signature," which targets the high-end home electronics market, at the Consumer Electronics Show that starts on January 6 (local time) in Las Vegas, and will put on sale products during the first half of next year.

It is the first time that LG Electronics, which already has various unique brands including Dios (refrigerator), Trom (washing machine) and LG OLED (TV), is releasing an integrated brand covering all consumer electronics products. LG Signature is a two-year project that was selected in 2015 at in-house design committee joined by heads of each business unit and internal design experts.

An LG Electronics source said, "Existing products will be maintained, and signature title will be given to product categories that we aim for the premium market," adding, "The integrated premium brand will raise consumer royalty and satisfaction, and deliver a unified image of LG`s electronics products."

According to sources of the electronics sector, the market for high-end electronics products stands at 350 trillion won (294.5 billion dollars), accounting for 5 percent of the global consumer electronics market, and showing growth that is three times faster than general consumer electronics products. LG Electronics expects the new brand will boost both the size and quality of its consumer electronics business. Already in October, LG released "Puricare," a new air purifier brand, sales of which grew around 50 percent in the first month of its launch.

LG Signature products will be an add-on of functions that contain essential values to existing premium products.

LG Signature OLED TV focuses on the screen, which is the most essential part of a TV, embracing the OLED display as well as other additional elements that are not visible physically. LG explained that customers can enjoy far more immersive experience in both visual and auditory terms. LG Signature washing machine has strengthened durability and convenience based on its twin-wash feature, which combines front-load washing machine at the bottom of the drum washing machine. The signature refrigerator has made "magic space," a place on the opposite side of the door, look transparent, to help people look inside the refrigerator without having to open the door. The signature air purifier has opted a transparent-oriented design so that the process of air purification can be seen.

To promote LG Signature brand and its products, LG Electronics will offer various information and contents on the brand homepage(www.LGSIGNATURE.com) under the theme " The Art of Essence."