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Chinese foreign minister urges North Korea to implement UN resolutions

Chinese foreign minister urges North Korea to implement UN resolutions

Posted September. 21, 2015 00:57,   


In regards to North Korea’s launch of a long-range missile and the possible 4th nuclear test, China started sending warning messages to North Korea that the communist regime has a duty to implement the U.N. resolutions, according to foreign affair experts.

“All the nations of the six-party talks have a shared responsibility to uphold the U.N. Charter and implement the U.N. Security Council resolutions,” said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at a symposium commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Sep. 19th joint statement held in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing on Saturday. “All the nations of the six-party talks are U.N. member countries,” added Wang.

When asked about the North Korea’s possible launch of a long-range rocket during the regular briefing on Tuesday, China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Hong Lei replied, “North Korea has the rights for peaceful use of outer space, but these rights are restricted by U.N. resolutions.”

Accordingly, Wang’s comment is interpreted as a strong warning message to North Korea which has implied a launch of a long-range missile and a nuclear test. Wang’s mentioning on ‘U.N. resolutions’ is regarded as China’s willingness to impose the U.N. sanctions against North Korea in accordance with the U.N. resolutions in case of the North’s further provocations.

“We call on all sides to adopt a responsible attitude towards the peninsula as well as the region of northeast Asia, and never again take any new action that could lead to tensions in the situation there," said Wang.

China Institute of International Studies, the think tank of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has sent invitations to all the nations of six-party talks including North Korea. But North Korean delegates did not appear. In 2013, Kim Kye Kwan, the first vice minister of North Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lee Yong-ho, North Korea’s Deputy Chief delegate to the six-party talks, Choi Sun-hee, the deputy director of North Korea’s foreign ministry, attended the same symposium to commemorate the Sep. 19 Joint Statement.