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Why Samsung eyes on smartphone cases?

Posted September. 14, 2015 00:34,   


Samsung’s “Clear View Cover (photo)” is at the center of attention in the smartphone market these days. A high price of 55,000 won (approx. 47 U.S. dollars), the phone case is said to have made anyone who buy “Galaxy Note 5” consider purchasing it together.

Introducing the Clear View Cover series in April this year, Samsung Electronics marketed the new case whose fingerprint and scratch issues were improved as its Galaxy Note 5 was launched. “We have agonized over how to make a phone case that sufficiently protects the device and expose the phone’s design to the maximum, which led us to make the Clear View Cover,” said Song Jeong-eun, senior manager at Samsung’s Mobile Communication Division.

Rather than a simple smartphone case, the concept of the product is closer to “functional appcessories (application + accessories).” With its certification chips that recognize magnets and product authenticity at the bottoms of case’s front and back, the face of the product turns transparent with incoming calls, enabling users to receive the call even with the phone covered with the case. The product also provides other functions, such as time information, alarm, charging information, music player, etc. As the software is coded to interface only with the Galaxy Note 5, chances are very slim that Chinese “knock-out” version will be developed.

While the Clear View Cover was independently developed by Samsung from the very beginning of product planning, Samsung is introducing other appcessories that it develops with external design firms.

With another 20 companies working with Samsung, there are 30 firms in total that develop appcessories with Samsung this year. Other than cases, batteries and audio products, Samsung aims to introduce more variety of the Internet of Things (IoT) that can interface with the smartphone.

“All the products such as the one that can replace guitar amplifier by connecting to the smartphone and ‘smartphone padlock,’ whose users can lock and unlock with their phones instead of keys, will work as new momentum for future growth of the device,” said Choi Jeong-wan, senior manager at Samsung’s Mobile Communication Division.