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2 major girl groups in North Korea

Posted September. 04, 2015 07:10,   


It seems that First secretary Kim Jong Un of the Workers’ Party of North Korea has much interest not just in dangerous war games but entertainment businesses as well. Three years after Moranbong Band, a girl group of North Korean-version, was formed on his direct order, the second one “Cheongbong Band” made its debut on July. Its recent performance in Russia has first been released to the public. The seven beautiful ladies with sophisticated makeup and hairs belted out songs in their long black dresses exposing their shoulders.

Looking a little older than South Korean idol groups such as “Girls` Generation” and “Sistar,” they gave off more mature charm. Its name “Cheongbong Band” came from the peak of Baekdusan for which the North Korean regime drums up as a campsite for Kim Il Sung’s partisan organization who fought against Japan in 1939. The members are musicians of “Wangjaesan Troupe” organized during the Kim Jong Il regime and chorus of “Moranbong Band.”

The first girl group in the North is Moranbong Band in their 20s. When they perform, young audiences come near to the stage, dancing and supporting them passionately. When they are to be on TVs, middle-aged “male fans” are said to hurry back home. Not only did they snatch “fans’ heart,” they also produced not one but two meritorious actresses, such as Yu Jin A and Na Yu Mi, in two years of time since it was organized thanks to the halo effect of the supreme ruler. The families of the band’s members are specially treated with high-end artist apartments with ample supply of electricity and water in Pyongyang. As idol groups of the South live together, girl groups in Pyongyang do the same.

Means for the regime’s propaganda and idea education, they are highly recognized in the country. “They carry song bombs,” North Korean media describes them. It seems that Kim Jong Un who studied in Switzerland understands and utilizes the power of pop culture very well. His wife Lee Sol Ju first appeared to the public in July 6, 2012 when Moranbong Band made its debut performance. It’s interesting to see how Moranbong and Cheongbong would play out their competition down the road.