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Hillary Clinton running for president to be champion of America’s middle class

Hillary Clinton running for president to be champion of America’s middle class

Posted April. 14, 2015 07:11,   


How will Hillary tackle income inequality in America?

U.S. politics and media say that the key to success in the campaign of former U.S. State Secretary Hillary Clinton who announced her running for president with the slogan of “reviving the middle class” is how to address inequality in the U.S.

Mrs. Clinton said in the announcement on Sunday that she would address inequality and improve the economic structure that is in favor of those at the top. The Washington Post said, “Clinton made a very ‘Elizabeth Warren-esque` announcement." It means that she seems to use an expression whose sentiment is almost identical to “the system is rigged” – a well-known slogan of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) who is called a warrior against income equality.

The problem is how. When Mrs. Clinton ran for president for the first time in 2008, she could blame the Republican Party for the failure of the policies because she was an opposition party candidate. As she runs for president as a ruling party candidate this time, many predict that she can hardly distance herself from Obama’s achievements. "It’s a very different world from 2008,” says Gary Burtless, an economist at the Brookings Institution. "There`s more anger out there about the economy and inequality. She`ll modify the rhetoric she uses."

CNN Money said how much she can relate to Main Street as both Bill and Hillary Clinton are among the richest in America. In fact, she was the candidate of Wall Street, the symbol of the rich, in 2008. The New York Times said that Mrs. Clinton is likely to walk a fine line, releasing new policies without directly criticizing Mr. Obama and tackling economic inequality without pushing Wall Street too much.

Meanwhile, others doubt that there could be an economic policy that can satisfy both the rich and the middle class. MSNBC said that Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama had minor differences in economic policy in 2008 and they basically had the same ideas such as the “big government,” large taxes on the wealthy and health care.