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2022 Qatar World Cup to be held on November

Posted March. 21, 2015 07:16,   


FIFA Executive Committee confirmed in Zürich, Switzerland Friday that the 2022 Qatar World Cup final to be held on Dec. 18, 2022

“The World Cup will be held for 28 days and the opening day will be announced when the Executive Committee finishes its discussion,” said FIFA’s spokesperson. If it is a 28-day tournament, the opening day will fall on Nov. 21.

It was the weather that made FIFA move the tournament schedule. During June-July when the World Cup has usually been played so far, the daytime highs are over 40 degrees Celsius in Qatar. The country said that air conditioners will be installed in the stadiums when it was competing to hold the game. FIFA, however, concluded that Qatar’s plan is practically not feasible given the fact that a huge amount of electricity will have to be used to operate that many air conditioners, which would impact on the environment as well. The average temperature of November and December in Qatar is 19~29 degrees Celsius.

Football experts reckon that player of European Football League that begins on August would have better condition than players in Asian Football League whose season would be nearing an end by then after its starts in March. European Football League, however, has no choice but to stop its league for nearly 2 months in the middle of the season. “If World Cup is held in the winter, European clubs will be affected the most. Millions of dollars are at stake due to changes of season and adjustment of broadcasting rights,” said European Club Association’s Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge from the beginning when the November through December option was put on the discussion table.

Broadcasting rights are expected to be affected as well. The Wall Street Journal wrote that “The new schedule would influence on the Confederations Cup in 2021 and 2023 Africa Cup of Nations. Most of all, Fox TV who paid for broadcasting rights in 2018 and 2022 World Cups may have to give up its rights.”