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IS propagandist on twitter found to be Indian executive

Posted December. 15, 2014 07:03,   


“Conglomerate exec during the day, a propagandist at night.”

The operator of a well-known twitter account who encouraged western young people to join the Islamic State (IS) terror group has been arrested. Surprisingly, he has been confirmed as an executive of a large Indian company.

The Indian police on Saturday arrested Mehdi Biswas, the operator of the pro-IS twitter account @ShamiWitness. The twitter account had some 17,700 followers and was viewed 2 million times per month, being cited as one of the most influential pro-IS cyber accounts. He was reportedly working for a large food company in Bangalore, India.

The double lives of the large company`s upper management and a terrorist propagandist were revealed when the British Channel 4 broadcast an interview with Biswas on Thursday. Through tens of thousands of tweets, he praised the beheading of western hostages while claiming that a terrorist war against Asian nations was necessary. "Remember: 100% of all the torture victims of CIA are Muslim since the program started. This is a War on Islam, War on Muslims," he recently wrote on his Tweeter.

In the Channel 4 interview, Biswas said that he could not leave everything behind to join IS. “My family needs me here,” he said. “My parents, they are basically dependent on me.”