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Korean TV dramas accused of copying American dramas

Posted December. 10, 2014 08:55,   


“Healer,” the latest episode of the Monday-Tuesday drama series that kicked off on Monday, is under controversy for plagiarism.

Netizens raised suspicion of plagiarism, saying, “Highlights of the drama that Korea Broadcasting System showcased on the Internet is very similar to the opening part of American drama ‘Person of Interest.’” When two videos are compared, the presentation method of computer graphic on the images of satellite photos and closed circuit surveillance camera screen, and the composition of certain scenes look similar.

Kim Jong-hak Production, the producer of the Korean drama, made excuse by saying, “We referred to various dramas including ‘Person of Interest’ and ‘Enemy of State.’ We did not plagiarize a certain work.”

In July this year, the promotional video of SBS’ "It’s Alright, This is Love" was also found to have copied work by American filmmaker Celia Rowlson-hall, and the production team made an apology and received permission from the original producer belatedly. In the SBS hit drama "My Love from the Star," the opening part in which barren land gradually turns into modern era, was suspected as a copycat of the American drama "New Amsterdam."

Netizens criticized such practice, saying, “If things look new and fresh, they are all copycats of American dramas,” adding, “In the past, they would plagiarize Japanese dramas. Are they now copying American dramas?”