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First book of Tarantino interviews published in Korea

Posted November. 01, 2014 03:25,   


When asked which director you like the most, Quentin Tarantino is one great option. Because his name is good to give an impression that you are a ‘cool movie fan’ who loves sense of humor and kitsch culture. If you are asked back with a question that ‘his movie isn’t too violent,’ you may quote this book made of interviews with Tarantino. “Quentin said, violence is a part of his artistic talent. Violence in the movie is a matter of preference.”

This book is a collection of 24 interviews with Tarantino by reporters, movie critics and professors for the past 20 years from his debut film ‘Reservoir Dogs (1992)’ to ‘Django Unchained (2012),’ which drew attention with a black Django.

Tarantino made a debut with fanfare in Sundance Film Festival at the age of 28. Critic Jim Hoberman called Tarntino “a director who made the greatest one-two punch since Steven Spielberg,” Many interviewers noted Tarantino’s backgrounds – raised by a single mom, dreamt to be an actor, and worked at a video shop after dropout from the middle school. “Video shop was a college to me,” said Tarantino, adding “During that time I was treated as a white trash, if I didn’t want to make a movie, I would have gone around cheating others and ended up at jail.”

“I don’t want to be an old director. I would rather write a novel or run a movie theater instead of making films at 60s,” said Tarantino. (He may have changed his mind since this is from an interview in 2003.) The director is quite a good story teller, just like his talkative movie. If you are a Tarantino’s fan, this book would be something interesting to read.