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Samsung Electronics` 2013 sales in China greater than in Korea

Samsung Electronics` 2013 sales in China greater than in Korea

Posted May. 29, 2014 02:43,   


The Financial Supervisory Service`s electronic public disclosure system and Samsung Electronics` business report announced Wednesday, Samsung Electronics` net sales in China reached 40.15 trillion won (39.32 billion U.S. dollars) last year, far greater than 22.78 trillion won (22.33 billion dollars) recorded in Korea. Net sales in China grew by 43 percent year-on-year in 2013, while Korea net sales declined by 22 percent.

Net sales refers to total sales excluding internal sales, which occurs during the process of production office sending products to sales office. Samsung Electronics has included China in regional sales data since 2007 and last year marks the first time the company`s net sales in China topped that in Korea.

Industry sources say the sales increase in China is attributable to the steady release of localized products such as TVs and home appliances, which is likely to continue.

A source from the domestic IT industry said, "Global IT companies are releasing products customized for China, but Samsung Electronics were more aggressive."

In this year`s first quarter, Samsung`s net sales in China stood at 9.82 trillion won (9.62 billion dollars) compared to 5.79 trillion won (5.67 billion dollars) in Korea. This year, Samsung Electronics is actively targeting to elevate its market share in China for UHD TVs, etc.

Meanwhile, the American region posted the biggest net sales last year with 69.38 trillion won (67.95 billion dollars), followed by Europe with 52.68 trillion won (51.59 billion dollars) and Asia/Africa with 43.70 trillion won (42.79 billion dollars).

The Korean market accounted for 22 percent in Samsung Electronics` global sales in 2007, which fell to 10 percent last year.