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`Economic system is key to reunification,` says Mexican ambassador

`Economic system is key to reunification,` says Mexican ambassador

Posted April. 11, 2014 05:40,   


“The secret weapon that can unite a nation as one community regardless of language and culture is an economic system that pursues a common goal.”

Ambassador of Mexico to Korea Jose Luis Bernal Rodriguez said this in his recent interview with the Dong-A Ilbo held in the Mexican Embassy in Seoul. He took the example of Switzerland where people who have different ethnic origins and use different languages live together. The ambassador said, “Switzerland can exist as one nation through the economic system that is based on capitalism and market economy… The Czech Republic and Hungary (that had been isolated during the Cold War era) could join the European Economic Community because of this reason.”

The Mexican diplomat who had spent much of his time in Europe as a security and economic specialist emphasized the importance of having a common economic system. This was actually his indirect answer to the question asking a prerequisite to the reunification of two Koreas.

Ambassador Rodriguez said, “What divided East Germany and West Germany was not the difference in ideologies but the difference in economic systems… If (two sides) have the same goal of development and growth, they can naturally form a community and achieve reunification accordingly.” He also added, “North Korea should also join economic communities, through which it can learn the international economic system, and increase opportunities to learn from the international community.”

He shared the fact that “Mexico has been working to provide (people) with more chances to get education and start new businesses through various relief and support programs for the poor and made remarkable progress so far,” and that “North Korea is more interested than ever in Mexico’s such achievements and exploring various exchange opportunities.”

Citing that North Korea officially admitted Kwangmyongsong-3, a satellite it launched in 2012, failed to enter the earth orbit, he assessed that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who studied overseas appreciates the views of the international community more than the nation’s previous leaders.

Especially, he stressed that “it would not be wise to underestimate the potential or learning abilities of the North Korean people” and pointed out that “Mexico and the international community should continue their role in helping North Korea make a better choice.”

Mexico, a nation that has traditionally sought pluralism in its foreign policies, established diplomatic relations with North Korea in September 1980 and allowed North Korea’s legation in its capital, Mexico City, in March 1992.

The ambassador who plans to make contact with North Korea in various ways including a visit to the isolated nation emphasized that “ending the technically-ongoing war on the Korean Peninsula is more important than anything.” He added, “To do so, the first step will be bringing peace (to the Korean Peninsula, and disarmament in all areas will be the key.”