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President Xi urges Communist Party to win back people’s hearts

President Xi urges Communist Party to win back people’s hearts

Posted February. 06, 2014 06:47,   


Some raised a claim that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s strong anti-corruption campaign was agreed by former leaders including Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao.

The China Times, a Taiwanese newspaper, said on Wednesday that President Xi said in the meeting with former and incumbent party leaders at Beidaihe, Hebei Province that unless they win back the hearts and minds of the people within three years, both the Communist Party and the country will collapse within a decade. President Xi, who was a deputy president then, raised a concern over losing the people’s support, saying, “The current situation of the Communist Party is so similar to that of Kuomintang in 1948.” Kuomintang lost people’s support due to its serious corruption in the late 1940s and lost in the Chinese Civil War, eventually being forced to move to Taiwan.

President Xi stressed to former President Jiang and Hu that China’s vital point would be losing people’s trust and if it happens, China would face the risk of Jasmine Revolution. Former President Hu said at the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in November 2012, “Unless the corruption is addressed, both the party and the country will collapse.” His remark seems to be based on the prior consensus with President Xi. While some claim that President Xi’s anti-graft campaign is to remove his predecessors, there was agreement between former and current leaders.