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Need to educate the importance of writing on the Internet

Need to educate the importance of writing on the Internet

Posted November. 06, 2013 08:34,   


Four Internet users were sent to prosecutors for allegedly writing malicious postings and threads on the miscarriage of Baek Ji-young, a singer. They are in the late teens and early 20s and include a high school student, an office worker, and a public service worker. They regretted for posting swear words to the celebrity on the Internet.

The 19-year-old public service worker posted a picture of the summons issued by police on the Internet, calling it an “injeung shot (certification shot).” It is a kind of a play on the Internet where one accuses a person who writes a malicious thread or boasts on being accused. It is a mixture of lack of conscience, a weak law-abiding spirit, and unhealthy play culture.

The Constitution guarantees the freedom of expression. It does not protect malicious threads defaming and insulting other people, however. It is a mean behavior to attack the other party behind the curtains. It is simply not right to ridicule others and make them suffer. Even a 17-year-old high school should be held responsible for what he has done.

Two years ago, Tablo, a singer, was in the center of controversy for his academic background. A group called “We Ask Tablo to Tell Us the Truth” claimed that his graduation from Stanford University is fabricated. Three members were sent to prison for not regretting about their false accusation. A few days ago, an Internet user was accused for posting a photo-shopped picture in which Susie, a singer and Miss A member, appears to have sex. He turned out to be a 16-year high school student. Susie should not tolerate him just because he is only 19 years old.

Celebrities are not alone. People criticize and curse others severely for having a different political belief or faction on the Internet. A healthy critique is necessary but ungrounded personal attacks should be rooted out. Strict law enforcement on malicious Internet users can reduce malicious threads. It is also necessary to educate children on how to respect other people’s personality and thinking at home and at school and teach writing. We need to educate that writing on the Internet which can potentially be spread endlessly has legal responsibilities.