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Scandalous world of showbiz

Posted September. 30, 2013 06:11,   


Rumors of celebrity relationships have been added day after day. On Wednesday, two models, Kim Woo-bin and Yoo Ji-an, were reported as a couple while Thursday saw two more romantic rumors -- idol star Sulli of the girl group FX and singer Choi Ja of Dynamic Duo, and Soyeon of the popular girl group Tiara and singer Oh Jong-hyeok. Friday added one more couple of idol star L of the boy group Infinite and an ordinary woman.

Though Sulli (19) and Choi Ja (33) denied their romantic relationships, many netizens believe they are a couple based on pictures of them posted on the Internet in which they walk hand in hand. Because of the 14-year age gap, a netizen commented, “Choi Ja is a true winner!” Another netizen said, “Sulli used to say that she adores a man like a father. The father-like man must have been Choi Ja.”

L of Infinite has been having a hard time dealing with negative responses from his fans about this romantic relationship. Though he denied he sees a woman, the operator of his fan club website shutdown the website leaving a message to him, saying, “You should‘ve kept yourself more preciously.”

Two couples, however, have admitted their romantic relationships and received good responses from their fans. About these two couples, a fan commented, “You guys are so cool to admit your relationships.” Other comments include, “I wake up in the morning and find new rumors about romantic relationships of celebrities,” and “I think everybody is in love but me.”

On the other hand, 66-year-old actor Baek Yun-sik’s romantic relationships with a reporter of a broadcasting company who is 30 years his junior has turned out to be such a scandalous case with the 36-year-old woman’s interview with an Internet media. She said, “Baek has a girlfriend whom he has dated over 20 years, and his two sons assaulted me.”