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`The king of singers` bridges communication gap among old and young

`The king of singers` bridges communication gap among old and young

Posted April. 25, 2013 06:42,   


Cho Yong-pil is an iconic singer for the so-called "7080 generation," or those born in the 1960s and went to college in the 1970s and 1980s. Everywhere from singing rooms to baseball stadiums, people sang his song and shouted for him. As years passed, however, people were starting to be worried whether his singing ability may be fading.

The 63-year-old veteran singer recently released a new album "Hello" in 10 years. The album was a huge hit. Hundreds of people lined up in front of a book store, staying there overnight to get his new album in the morning. At his showcase, 2,000 people came to cheer for him. His songs covered the top 10 list in online music streaming service providers such as Melon and Mnet. People who had thought he was an old legend were awed.

What is more amazing is that his album was an outcome of self-innovation. On how he could maintain such a youthful spirit, he said, "I wanted to break away from the stereotype I had set myself in." He threw away songs he had composed for several years, and asked for help from foreign musicians. His new songs like "Hello," "Bounce" and "My Way Home" feature styles different from his existing songs, people say. A 50-year-old office worker said, "I enjoyed his music when I was in college. I thought he had faded. But no, he has reborn, and I`m awed."

The glorious comeback of a veteran singer is an "event" at a time when the Korean music market is dominated by teen idol groups. More mid-age people and over are recently enjoying movies, books and performances, but generational gap is still too wide. Fathers are crazy for girl group Girls` Generation, but few girls are excited over father-like singers.

Cho`s new songs are gaining popularity across gender and age. They are an appeal to older people who need nostalgia and a refreshing jolt to younger people who are tired of dance songs. Junior singers are struck with admiration. Female singer Boa said, "Thank you for proving that music has nothing to do with age. I will try harder myself." The veteran singer has returned, and is here to bridge the communication gap between the parents and children`s generations.