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Next gov`t to prevent hiring of public CEOs based on connections

Next gov`t to prevent hiring of public CEOs based on connections

Posted February. 23, 2013 07:18,   


The incoming administration plans to overhaul the system for public recruitment of heads of public organizations amid criticism of unfairness and collusion.

According to the presidential transition committee and the Strategy and Finance Ministry, the next government will strengthen management’s responsibility for public organizations.

A senior committee member said all promises by previous governments to ensure fair appointment of public CEOs and enhance their professionalism were never kept, adding that President-elect Park Geun-hye plans to stop the practice of giving the top jobs at public organizations to those who lack qualifications but have good political connections.

Her incoming government plans to strengthen professional requirements and adopt systemic measures to prevent political influence from intervening in the hiring process.

The ministry plans to set concrete requirements given that the existing standards have been criticized as being too abstract and ambiguous. Under law, the heads of public organizations must have "abundant knowledge and experience in the business of a public enterprise or semi-government organization and have the capacity to serve as a chief executive officer."

The government plans to make the requirement more specific, requiring candidates to have a certain period of experience in a relevant field or research expertise in a sector. This is to prevent unqualified people from getting the top jobs at public organizations due to connections with influential politicians.