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4 Former S. Koreans Among NK Nat`ls at Reunions

Posted November. 01, 2010 22:58,   


Four of the 97 North Koreans who saw their long-lost kin from South Korea at Mount Kumgang were former South Koreans who fought in the Korean War.

This raised the number of South Korean soldiers confirmed to be alive in the North to 17.

Seoul said Sunday the four were confirmed to be on the list according to South Korean military records. They went missing in action before being officially registered in 1957 as killed in action, but joined the latest reunions that began Saturday.

The four were not on the list of 500 South Korean POWs assumed to be alive in the North. How they ended up living in the North had not been confirmed as of Sunday. With the confirmation of additional South Korean soldiers living in the North, voices are growing louder for Seoul to conduct a fact-finding survey on South Korean troops who fought in the Korean War.

From North Korea, 97 people showed up at the reunion venue along with 13 relatives, while 436 South Koreans went to the mountain resort to see their long-lost kin for the first time since their separation by the war 60 years ago.

Beginning with a group reunion Saturday, the event proceeded with separate reunions, a group lunch and afternoon group reunions Sunday.

Another round of reunions will be held for three days from Wednesday, allowing 96 South Koreans to be reunited with 207 relatives living in the North.