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Women Workers, Newlyweds to Receive More Aid

Posted October. 27, 2010 11:23,   


People married for under five years will be eligible for public housing loans regardless of how long they have lived without their own homes.

If temporary workers take maternity leave, their employment will be extended for the period equal to the duration of their leave.

The government finalized Tuesday a basic plan to tackle the country’s low birth rate and rapidly aging population at a Cabinet meeting Tuesday. The draft plan had been announced Sept. 10.

The idea is to strengthen support for newlyweds, temporary female workers and the elderly between next year and 2015.

For newlyweds to be eligible for a housing loan from next year, they must make less than 35 million won (31,300 U.S. dollars), up from the existing limit of 30 million won (26,800 dollars).

In addition, the government will lift the loan requirement that newlyweds have a rental home for more than six months. They will also receive priority in buying unsold rental houses after public housing units are put on the market.

If management agrees, temporary women workers can extend their employment after taking maternity leave. This is to help such staff who must take unpaid maternity leave.

Under law, regular employees are paid between 500,000 (447 dollars) and one million won (900 dollars) per month when on maternity leave.

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