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33 Trapped Chilean Miners Stayed United Until Rescue

Posted October. 15, 2010 11:25,   


They were united until the end.

The dramatic rescue of 33 miners trapped in a San Jose mine in Chile ended Wednesday with the world watching them live. A rescue expected to take 48 hours ended in 22 hours 40 minutes.

The operation showed the world the power of unity for a country in overcoming a crisis.

The last person lifted out of the collapsed mine was foreman Luis Urzua, 54. All 33 miners trapped in the mine on Aug. 5 were pulled out after 69 days.

When Urzua stepped on the ground from the capsule "Phoenix," his family, the rescue team and reporters cheered. Cars and equipment vehicles honked and siren lights flashed.

While Urzua was going up, the rescue team sang a song with the lyrics, “Let’s go, Chileans! We will rescue all you miners.”