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NK Missions Told to Pledge Loyalty to Heir Apparent

Posted October. 07, 2010 11:34,   


North Korea is known to have ordered its overseas missions to send written pledges of loyalty to heir apparent Kim Jong Un following his appointment as vice chairman of the Central Military Commission of the ruling Workers’ Party.

Pyongyang also told them to send congratulatory letters to leader Kim Jong Il on his reappointment as the party’s general secretary.

A source on North Korea based in China said Tuesday, “Since last week, North Korean diplomats and traders in China have been sending loyalty letters to Kim Jong Un and congratulatory letters to Kim Jong Il. It is highly probable that Pyongyang ordered those residing elsewhere to do the same.”

This signals that the North is building up hype over Kim Jong Un and will introduce him as its next leader. A propaganda campaign is known to have begun on raising his profile.

Pyongyang is preparing a massive festival to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Workers` Party, and will also make some 10 million portraits of Kim Jong Un for distribution.

“I heard that North Koreans in Beijing recently received education, possibly on the plan for the succession of the third generation of the Kim family,” the source said.

In August, North Korean authorities are known to have told overseas diplomats and traders to pledge their loyalty to Kim Jong Un, according to another source. “In August, they were ordered to send letters and gifts ahead of the party convention in September. Since Kim Jong Un’s name had to remain secret, the letters called Jong Un ‘Young Gen. Kim,’” the source said.

Daily NK, a South Korea-based Web site on news on the North, said Wednesday that “loyalty resolve gatherings” are being held by the North Korean military.

Quoting a source from North Hamkyong Province in the communist country, the site said, “Official events have been held by border guard brigades, including the 25th Brigade in Ryanggang Province and the 27th Brigade in North Hamkyong Province, to praise and celebrate Kim Jong Il as the party’s general secretary and Kim Jong Un as his successor.”

The source said soldiers shouted slogans such as “With respect for young Gen. Kim Jong Un, we will complete our revolutionary achievements to the end!”

Though such gatherings have not yet been held outside the military, the source predicted that all sections, departments and workplaces will have to hold them soon.