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China is Still a Developing Country: Chinese Premier

Posted September. 25, 2010 10:53,   


Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao showed a humble attitude at the U.N. General Assembly Thursday, saying, "China is still a developing country."

In his keynote speech, Wen said China is facing unprecedented challenges and still remains a developing country, claiming this is the basic situation and true identity of his country.

"China`s GDP is the world`s third largest but our per capita GDP is a tenth of those of advanced countries," he said. "We have made rapid economic growth over the past three decades but have limitations in further growth due to energy, resource and environmental problems."

"We are a leading producer of many important products but their quality is still low," he said. "Exports are at a low level in technological content and added value and we depend on imports to meet demand for key technologies."

"Coastal areas and several big cities in China have been modernized, but many central and western regions are still in poor condition," he said, adding 150 million Chinese still live below the U.N.-set poverty line.

Wen said the lives of Chinese have markedly improved but the country has yet to complete a social security system. He also mentioned the need to improve democracy and legal systems and acknowledged the existence of inequality, corruption and social ills in China.

In addition, he emphasized Beijing`s commitment to reform and improvement of the environment for foreign investors. He also pledged a peaceful international atmosphere for China`s development and to simultaneously contribute to world peace through his country`s growth.