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Public Anger Rises over Education CEO`s Twitter Comments

Public Anger Rises over Education CEO`s Twitter Comments

Posted September. 14, 2010 11:37,   


The CEO of a speech education company has triggered public anger by telling a former co-worker via Twitter that his wife is an admissions officer at a prestigious university, implying an offer of preferential treatment.

The CEO sent a message to an announcer whom he knows around 7 p.m. Wednesday saying, “If you apply to Yonsei University, let me know. Did you know that my wife is an admissions officer? Take advantage of your network (photo).”

Internet users captured the Twitter page with the comments and posted them on other sites, adding criticism of the CEO. A former announcer, the CEO is well known among students for writing a column on skills for the college entrance interview.

Netizens blasted the CEO with posts saying, “What is a fair society,” “What kind of preferential treatment is it,” and “If the system goes this way, there should be no admissions officers.” The CEO belatedly removed his maligned comments after the controversy erupted.

As word spread of the scandal, Yonsei said it has banned the admissions officer - the CEO’s wife – from participating in the screening process.

A source from the university’s admissions department said, “There was no unfair favors but we took this action to prevent undermining of the fairness of college entrance exams and maintain the credibility of the admissions officer system.”

The announcer whom the CEO’s comments were directed at said, “I wasn’t able to read his comments because I was busy with work. I was on a business trip and returned to Seoul Monday. He is my former colleague but his posting was put up against my will.”

“My son applied to Yonsei University but he is not related to this.”

The Dong-A Ilbo tried to call the CEO on his office and cell phones but failed to contact him.