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Memorial Event Held for Ex-Pres. Kim DJ at Seoul Plaza

Posted August. 19, 2010 01:35,   


A memorial event was held Tuesday a day before the one-year anniversary of former President Kim Dae-jung’s death at Seoul Plaza.

Organized by a committee to commemorate the occasion, the event featured performances by samulnori (playing of four traditional Korean instruments) artist Kim Duk-soo and his troupe and the four-fingered pianist Lee Hee-ah, a recital by poet Hwang Ji-woo, and a video clip of Kim Dae-jung.

An incense alter was set up at Seoul Plaza and the former president’s chronicle was displayed.

The first anniversary ceremony will be held in front of the Relics Exhibition House at Seoul National Cemetery Wednesday. Scheduled to attend are Kim Dae-jung’s widow Lee Hee-ho and his family, the widow of former President Roh Moo-hyun Kwon Yang-sook, incumbent presidential chief of staff Yim Tae-hee, Public Administration and Security Minister Maeng Hyung-kyu, ruling Grand National Party Chairman Ahn Sang-soo, and main opposition Democratic Party floor leader Park Jie-won.

A memorial project is also ongoing.

The alumni association of Kim Dae-jung’s alma mater Mokpo Commercial High School (now Jeonnam Jeil High School) will host a ceremony for the installation of his statue in front of the school library Aug. 28. The statue holds a cane in its left hand and raises its right hand while looking at Mount Yudal.

Kim Dae-jung’s lifetime motto “Acting Conscience” will be written in his wife’s handwriting on the pedestal of the statue. The idea for building the statue came four months ago from his high school alumni Kwon Roh-gap and Lee Hoon-pyung, both of whom are former lawmakers. Some 400 alumni donated 130 million won (110,000 U.S. dollars) for the statue.

Lee said, "The remaining 30 million won (25,520 dollars) will be given to 40 students from low-income households."

Kwon, who was a longtime confidant of Kim Dae-jung, will also donate the late president’s autobiography to school libraries in Mokpo, South Jeolla Province, and Catholic churches in Gwangju and the province.