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Gov`t to Ask 3 Governors for Stance on 4-River Project

Posted August. 02, 2010 11:15,   


The government has sent an official ultimatum to three liberal governors of provinces asking whether they are opposed to the four-river restoration project handled by their regions.

The three are South Gyeongsang Gov. Kim Doo-kwan, South Chungcheong Gov. Ahn Hee-jung and North Chungcheong Gov. Lee Si-jong, all of whom say they oppose the project. If they express their objections in official replies, the central government will retake the right to conduct the project that had been given to the provincial governments and carry them out on its own.

The Office of National River Restoration at the Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs Ministry said it sent the letters signed by the chiefs of the Busan and Daejeon regional land management offices to the governors. The governors were asked to declare their official stances to the project managed by the three provinces.

The office’s deputy chief Kim Hee-kuk said, “The governors have expressed their objections to the project only via the media, but have not officially informed the central government of whether they will or will not proceed with the project.”

“We sent the official letters to the governors because we judged it undesirable for a third party such as political circles or the media to discuss a halt to and suspension of the projects.”

Kim said, “If provincial governments officially inform their objections to the projects, the central government will directly conduct water and flood control work, including the construction of reservoirs, dredging and the reinforcement of river banks. Provincial governments will have the option to conduct at their own discretion projects for eco-friendly rivers, including the formation of wetlands and parks.”

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