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Bronze Statue of NK Leader Unveiled for 1st Time

Posted July. 17, 2010 08:05,   


A bronze statue of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has gone public for the first time via the official newspaper of the (North) Korean People’s Army, a radio station said Friday.

Open Radio for North Korea, a shortwave radio station based in South Korea, presented a photo featured in the daily’s front-page article, “Biggest Benefit, Highest Glory of the Strong Revolutionary Military of Mount Baekdu,” published May 11.

The article’s photo shows the statue of Kim Jong Il along with those of his late father and predecessor Kim Il Sung and mother Kim Jong Suk all clad in military uniform. Kim Jong Il’s statue was released to the world for the first time, though plaster statues of him seated in a chair had been on display at the international friendship exhibition center at Mount Myohyang.

“Mansudae Creative Co., the People’s Merit Sculpture Artwork Group, and others have honored the statue of the three generals (Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Suk and Kim Jong Il) of Mount Baekdu at the optimum level in less than a year by devoting their admiration and loyalty to the dear leaders.”

On the reason for Kim Jong Il’s statue, the radio station said, “It indicates that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il will not live much longer,” citing an unidentified expert. “He is being beautified and worshiped as a historic figure along with his father Kim Il Sung, not as an incumbent leader who is still alive.”

Lee Woo-yeong, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul, told The Dong-A Ilbo, “The statue is part of efforts to inherit power ahead of a meeting of the (North) Korean Workers` Party representatives in September,” adding, “It is an attempt to elevate Kim Jong Il to raise the status of his heir apparent Kim Jong Un.”