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Premarital Pregnancy of Star Couple

Posted May. 04, 2010 10:53,   


Actor Jang Dong-gun’s biggest complex used to be his handsomeness. In Korea, his name has been a synonym for a good-looking man since 1992, the year he starred in the TV drama “Our Paradise.” He was eventually recognized for his acting skills in 2001 for playing a gangster in the hit movie “Friend.” Koh So-young became a star overnight in 1993 for playing a charming co-ed in the TV drama “Mother’s Sea.” She has since grown more famous for her looks and urban fashion style, appearing in ads for luxurious goods.

The two actors have known each other since 1999, when they starred together in “Love Wind, Love Song.” Both are age 38 and a bit late in getting married. They have not lagged behind in having a baby, however. Jang said Sunday, “We’ve been to a hospital. The baby is growing well. We don`t know whether it’s a boy or a girl. But I want a girl who looks like her mother.” Every Korean man might want a daughter as beautiful as Koh.

Former Culture Minister Lee Eo-ryeong, who officiated the couple’s wedding, mentioned the country’s low fertility rate, a major social problem. “Marriage deprives people of freedom, money and free time but presents people with a golden glass, which means a lifetime partner. Married couples can also have babies. But certain women consider their golden glasses as obstacles.” Then Lee asked the bride, “Is your baby an obstacle? Will childbirth really ruin your body?”

Lee later answered his own question by saying, “In the near future, a beautiful actress with stunning beauty and charm will give birth to a baby, giving Koreans great pleasure.” Koh should bear many daughters who look like her and many boys who take after Jang. More importantly, she could be a role model who shows Koreans the pleasure of bearing and nurturing children. Hollywood super couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have six children, three of them adopted. Premarital pregnancy is no big deal for a couple getting married later in life.

Editorial Writer Kim Sun-deok (yuri@donga.com)