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Psychoanalysts to Interview Busan Murder Suspect

Posted March. 18, 2010 00:05,   


Psychoanalysts will interview Kim Kil-tae, a habitual sex offender who has confessed to the rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl in Busan, the Supreme Public Prosecutors’ Office said yesterday.

Under Prosecutor-General Kim Joon-gyu’s order to leave out nothing in the investigation, the office will send a seven-member psychoanalysis team to the Busan District Prosecutors’ Office for three days from March 28.

This is the first time for the Supreme Public Prosecutors’ Office to form a psychoanalysis team to support an individual criminal case investigated by prosecutors or police.

The team will review all the documents of the investigation to keep track of how his statements on the crime have changed over time. A thorough analysis of Kim’s initial accounts will allow psychoanalysts to find weaknesses in his testimony in the interview.

If necessary, footage of Kim’s interrogation will be reviewed to examine his facial expressions and behavior.

The Supreme Public Prosecutors’ Office will also review the Busan investigation of Kim over the next seven days.

The psychoanalysis team will include Korea’s lone statement analyst and behavioral analysts. A statement analyst examines a suspect’s words to judge whether he or she is telling the truth. Behavioral analysts look for subtle changes on a suspect’s face to determine honesty.

A prosecutor at the Supreme Public Prosecutors’ Office said such massive support for Busan prosecutors shows the prosecution’s determination to discover the truth behind the case, as the suspect has not disclosed everything he did.

Prosecutors say they found Kim’s DNA in the victim’s body, but further investigation is necessary to prove the allegations against him in court.