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Height Limits Around Airfields to Be Eased

Posted February. 18, 2010 08:21,   


The Defense Ministry yesterday said it will ease the limit on building height near air bases across the country.

Except for airfields used for preliminary air operations, 40 airfields of the Army, Navy and Air Force used for tactical, air assistance and helicopter operations will face deregulation.

Airfields used for tactical air operations have runways longer than three kilometers and are used by a variety of tactical aircraft. By contrast, airfields for air assistance operations have runways of under 1.8 kilometers and serve transport planes.

A military official said, “Based on a report on the easing of height limits near Seongnam Airfield submitted to the Defense Ministry last month, we are reviewing standards for deregulating 40 airfields nationwide,” adding, “General standards for all military airfields and detailed standards for each one will be announced in April or May.”

“The report for Seongnam Airfield has applied the shielding theory as recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization in devising the standard of deregulation,” the official said. “The military has recognized the validity of the report.”

“The decision whether to apply the shielding theory as it is or adjust it to fit Korea’s situation has yet to be made. Standards that consider characteristics of each airfield will likely be made based on the theory, however.”