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Gov`t Campaign to Encourage Childbirth via 6 Slogans

Posted October. 17, 2009 08:30,   


To encourage childbirth, the Health, Welfare and Family Affairs Ministry has announced six slogans.

The six are: “If every household has two or three children, Korea’s future will grow brighter”; “The greatest present for your child is siblings”; “Childbirth is touching, childcare is rewarding, and families are happy”; “The more you have, the more hopeful you will be, the more grown your children are, the happier you will be”; “The joy of childbirth, growing happiness, younger Korea”; and “Two children mean happiness; three children mean hope.”

The ministry will run ads with the slogans inside subway trains and at platforms of lines one through seven until January next year. Next month, it will put the ads in newspapers to promote the slogans.

“We came up with the catchphrases to encourage childbirth since many Koreans still remember old catchphrases designed to curb population growth,” a ministry official said.